Our village, Venteuil, is a typical wine village at the heart of Champagne. Midway up the mountain, it faces the castle of Boursault and dominates the river Marne as it winds through the hills and valleys, thus offering a glorious panorama.

This landscape, tortured and sublime, as drawn by the hand of Mother Nature, is the result of a long geological process. This process began 100 million years ago when our current region was covered for over a period of over 40 million years by the so-called “Cretaceous” sea which allowed the formation of chalk so particular to champagne. The 30 million years that followed were a phenomenon of advances and withdrawals of seas, each leaving their different sediments, multiplying the wealth of the land. Finally, for 30 million years, erosion shaped, cut, and pulled the earth to give our region its present appearance.

While the subsoil is exceptional, the climate is harsh and this characterizes our champagne: cold and rigorous winters, hot springs and summers, even scorching, making the vine suffer like the men who work it. It is in this suffering that the vine will express its potential and result in the most prestigious of wines.

Today, our farm, inherited from our ancestors, covers nearly 6 hectares spread over seven villages. Exceptional land, rich and diversified, let the 3 varieties of Champagne fully express themselves: pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay. We cultivate our vines conscious of our past, concerned about our future. Our workplace is an extraordinary setting, transmitted by past generations, worked for future generations. We see it as our job to prolong the notion of terrior, with the blessing of nature and climate.